Friday, April 7, 2017

Once Upon a Time Bible and Storybook Bible

I have have had the privilege to read and introduce my kids to the Once Upon a Time Bible and Storybook Bible. My 3 year old preferred the storybook the best and my 6 year old loved the Bible.

The storybook Bible is filled with colorful pictures and the wonderful stories of the Bible that we have all heard and love. Every story begins with Once Upon A Time and ends with a Happily Ever After ending. I truly enjoyed reading the storybook to my sons. I would recommend the Storybook Bible to younger children who are just learning about the Bible but children of all ages will benefit from it and enjoy it.
The Once Upon A Time Bible is in the New International Readers Version (NIrV). There are several pictures throughout where it tells about specific stories. This sparked my sons interest because it's not just all words and reading. It helped him to visualize what is happening, which I find crucial in studying the Bible. Kids are visual beings and if they can see it or visualize it, it is more real for them so they can better understand what they are reading. I would recommend the Once Upon a  Time Bible to children who are able to read.

Official Website:

• With the popularity of fairy tales and Disney animation, and especially with the new release of Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast on March 17, Zonderkidz wanted to publish a storybook Bible and full -text Bible (Holy Bible offered in hardcover, and pink leathersoft editions) that would resonate with children and families who loved those types of movies, and loved reading a great story.
• The art will captivate Disney lovers with similar looking characters and color palettes
• Zonderkidz wanted to capture fans of this genre, but introduce young children to the word of God, and introduce them to the great characters of the Bible. It’s important to note that this brand serves to resound the theme that the Bible is NOT a fairy tale, but every great Bible story happened once upon a time. The Bible is the ultimate Happily Ever After story!
• What Christian parent doesn’t want to tie in Bible learning fun with what their kids already love, but also have the opportunity to teach them that the real heroes and stories of our faith come straight from God’s Word.
The Storybook Bible utilizes even more of the captivating art style and beautiful narrative to tell the major stories of the Bible ( , and the Holy Bible ( & ( includes the full-text of the bestselling New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) translation, and highlights 6 great stories of the Bible in full-color tip-in pages.  (there will be 6 stories, and each story is told on 4 illustrated pages.)

 Available where books are sold!

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