Saturday, January 13, 2018

Talking to Jesus: A Fresh Perspective on Prayer

By: Melissa Baker

I have recently had the opportunity to read Talking to Jesus: A Fresh Perspective on Prayer by Jeannie Blackmer. This is such a great book. It is primarily focused on the book of Mathew. Each section of the book contains a story, followed by personal response and reflection with scriptures, and a space to write your own reflection or prayer. This book really reminds me that the people in the Bible that talked to Jesus really are just like us. They were human. They had troubles just like we do. And that really gave me new insights in my personal Bible reading and prayer life. I enjoyed reading all of the stories, most of which are well known and important stories. I also loved reading the personal responses after each story. It goes into depth and explains each story while putting a brand new perspective on the story and the people in them. The reflection section has several scriptures relating to the story, which gives the reader the opportunity to further study and dig deeper into what was just read. And lastly the observations section asks you a question about your own thoughts or observations about the story and ends in a prayer. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be closer to Jesus and who may even need a new perspective on prayer. I know I am always trying to get a new perspective on things, prayer being one of them. This book really does give you a fresh perspective on prayer!

About the Author:
Jeannie Blackmer is the author of MomSense: A Common Sense Guide to Confident Mothering and Boy-sterous Living: Celebrating Your Loud and Rowdy Life with Sons, and co author of Where Women Walked: Powerful True Stories of Women’s Perseverance and God’s Provision. Her articles have been published in Guideposts, Today’s Christian Woman, Thriving Family, MomSense and more. She is also a frequent guest blogger on several Christian Women’s blogs. 
Jeannie earned her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in journalism from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is married to Zane and they have three adult sons who, for now, all reside in Boulder CO. 

About the Book:
Sometimes it’s easier to pour our hearts out to someone we can see in front of us- our inability to physically see Jesus can make us feel far from him. We often wish that we could see him face to face as we pray.
Talking to Jesus helps us bridge that gap. Based on well known accounts of Jesus taken from the New Testament, this book shows that the people who met Jesus had the same worries, hopes, and questions that we have today. Through this collection of biblical encounters, we can take a fresh look at conversations between Jesus and those who believed that he could help them. The heartfelt requests of these people show Jesus’s love for everyone, from the earliest believers who spoke with him in person to modern believers who pray to him today. 
Talking to Jesus reminds us that we can talk to Jesus anywhere, anytime about anything, because he is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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