Friday, December 1, 2023

Life Counsel Bible: Review and Giveaway!!

by: Melissa Baker

When I was a teenager, I was gifted a teen devotional Bible. It had hundreds of short devotions and topics inserted throughout the Bible that teens typically struggle with. There were great insights and Biblical wisdom throughout the Bible. I absolutely LOVED it and it helped me so much through my teenage and early adult years. Well, fast forward about 20 years and now I am an adult, with teens of my own. And even though I no longer deal with teenage issues, I still have struggles as an adult that I occasionally need help with. That is why I LOVE the Life Counsel Bible!  I'm really excited to share with you about this amazing new biblical counseling resource. It is the adult version of my old teen devotional Bible. And it's so incredibly helpful! 

As I mentioned, The Life Counsel Bible is more of a devotional Bible with short articles written by very wise counselors. The articles in the Bible address topics that adults typically deal with. From dealing with addictions, to divorce, and everything in between, the articles are extremely helpful, and they give the reader Biblical insight that they wouldn't normally get from friends, or family. They touch on REAL issues, not just the sugar-coated Bible Study issues and answers. There are raw, emotional topics that cut deep to your core. And then there are others that are more simple but still important enough to learn about. There truly is healing in the pages of this Bible! It's like you are getting personal counseling privately in your own home. And I highly recommend that you get a copy for yourself! You will not regret it! 

About the Bible:

Whatever you’re facing, the Bible has something to say. The CSB Life Counsel Bible contains articles from leading biblical counselors that will give YOU the tools you need to take action and FIND HOPE through all of life’s storms. Featuring over 150 articles on topics related to marriage, parenting, relationships, mental health, and so many more- this Bible is like having a complete biblical counseling toolkit in one resource!

The CSB Life Counsel Bible features the highly readable, highly reliable text of the Christian Standard Bible. The CSB captures the Bible’s original meaning without sacrificing clarity, making it easier to engage with Scripture’s life-transforming message and to share it with others.

The Life Counsel Bible provides practical wisdom for all, equipping readers with biblical truth and counsel on a wide range of topics and tough life issues. With over 150+ articles this Bible is full of useful tools and resources for life application and discipleship. It’s great for couples, parents, ministry leaders, and anyone who has ever struggled with tough life issues.


• More than 150 full-length articles from respected Christian counselors and  scholars on topics like anxiety, depression, abuse, sexuality, marriage and divorce, parenting struggles, finances (full list available at 

• Callout quotes placed near each article provide truth, hope, and encourage ment to apply to life 

• Over 100-word studies focusing on key words applicable to personal healing,  growth, and counsel 

• Book introductions including “Circumstances of Writing,” “Structure,” “Contribution to the Bible,” and a special “Truth for Healing” section with an overview of key truths related to healing from each book of the Bible 

• Wide margins for notetaking and journaling 

• Robust page-end cross-reference system with over 25,000 cross-references connecting Scripture from Genesis to Revelation 

• Easy-to-read 9.5-point type size

Visit the website here to learn more about this amazing Bible and purchase your copy of the CSB Life Counsel Bible today!


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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Surprised by Oxford- Review and Giveaway!!

By: here 

If you are looking for an inspiring, feel-good film, look no further! 'Surprised by Oxford' is just that and I really enjoyed this film. It is about a young woman getting a scholarship to Oxford University, where she starts her journey into her college education. Soon after she arrives, she meets a few friends, and a young man also catches her interest. Their stories individually and as friends are inspiring and real, as their relationships blossom. I appreciate the artistic views of the film as well as the emotional attachment you gain with the characters as you follow them on their journey. We are taken on an adventure as the characters search for answers to some of life's biggest and challenging questions as they discover themselves. This film was thought provoking and witty, and I highly encourage you to buy or rent Surprised by Oxford during the month of November! And you can watch this amazing film from the comfort of your own home! So, step inside the beauty of Oxford University and discover a timeless story about asking life’s big questions. Do not miss your chance to see this beautiful film! Rent or buy it TODAY!  

About the film:

Caro Drake, a brilliant but emotionally guarded American student, arrives at the University of Oxford with the goal of attaining her PhD. Through a turbulent friendship with a charming young man, she begins to open herself up to mystery, vulnerability, and love.

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Monday, November 6, 2023

Fighting for the Soul of your Child- Review and GIVEAWAY!

By: Melissa Baker

Let's face it.... parenting is HARD! No matter how you prepare to become a parent, each stage of your child's life brings its own difficulties and struggles. And if you are a Christian parent, it makes it even harder, because not only do you deal with normal parenting issues that arise, but you also have to protect your kids from the enemy and win their souls to Christ. So, if you are anything like me, you need all the help you can get! Well, I found a resource that will help! It's a book called 'Fighting for the Soul of Your Child' by Jimmy and Karen Evans. This book equips and empowers parents with the tools and knowledge they need to raise spiritually grounded children. Kids will become emotionally healthy, and parents will be able to help shape them and equip them for a great future! It's a wonderful resource that will guide you through the various stages of your child's growth. And it will uncomplicate your parenting journey through all these stages with practical tips and Biblical insights. I believe that every Christian parent should read this book. It is very informative, and the wisdom you gain is easy to apply in your own life and family. Every family has its own dynamic and functions differently. However, this book will be helpful in all stages of life, no matter your family structure or dynamic! 

About the Book:

Fighting for the Soul of Your Child by Jimmy and Karen Evans is a powerful guide for parents seeking to nurture and raise their child in today’s ever-evolving world. Readers will benefit from the wisdom of Jimmy and Karen Evans, respected marriage and parenting experts with over 40 years of experience! Learn how to safeguard your child's emotional and spiritual well-being in an increasingly challenging world. As you read this book, you will unlock the secrets to open and honest communication and explore ways to nurture your child's faith and values, helping them develop a strong moral compass. Readers gain valuable insights on handling common parenting challenges, from peer pressure to technology addiction. Readers will also discover strategies to strengthen their family bonds and create a loving, supportive environment as they engage with relatable stories and examples that illustrate the principles discussed in the book.

Visit the website here to learn more about this amazing resource!

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Thursday, October 26, 2023

After Death- Review and Giveaway!!

 By: Melissa Baker

Have you ever wondered what happens after we die? The question has been asked for thousands of years, and until it happens, no one really knows for sure. But this film is about someone who researched near-death experiences, and he interviews people who say they have died and come back to life. It is a really awakening film. If you are like me, you might be a little skeptical. But it is an interesting film and I would encourage everyone to go see it! 

About the Film:

From Angel Studios (The Chosen, Sound of Freedom) comes 'After Death'! Based on the true accounts,  survivors give us a peek into life’s biggest question: What happens when we die? 'After Death' features interviews with New York Times best-selling authors, doctors, scientists, and near-death survivors including Don Piper (90 Minutes In Heaven), Dr. Mary Neal (To Heaven and Back), John Burke (Imagine Heaven), Dr. Jeffrey Long (Evidence of the Afterlife), and Dr. Raymond Moody (Life After Life)John Burke was a skeptic before he first read about near-death experiences. Now, after researching near-death experiences for over 30 years and interviewing countless people who have gone beyond the veil and back, John is a pastor and an international speaker. 'After Death' is a gripping feature film that explores what happens after we die, based on real near-death experiences, conveyed by scientists, authors, and survivors. 

You can Pay it Forward to After Death to cover the cost of a movie ticket for some-
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of the first movement in history to share stories that amplify light in this incredible
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Visit the website to learn more about the film here. Or check out the trailer here!

If you would like to buy tickets, click here.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Old Testament Handbook- Review and GIVEAWAY!!

 By: Melissa Baker

What do you think of when you hear the phrase 'Old Testament'? If you are anything like me, the word 'boring' would likely come to mind. The Old Testament is full of history, which was and still is my least favorite subject. But it's important to know who everyone in the Bible is and the context for which scripture is written.  The Old Testament also seems to show the wrath of God against sin, and it's full of laws and rules. However, the Old Testament also lays the foundation for the coming of the Messiah who would later sacrifice Himself for all of our sins. So that part excites me!
So, when I got the chance to dig into the Old Testament Handbook, I was honestly on the fence about if it would beneficial to use this tool in my personal study. But, after looking into it and seeing what all it had to offer, my mind was very quickly changed, and I was a bit blown away by its usefulness and content. The timelines and charts that are included in the handbook were extremely helpful and I felt like I was learning all new content with a different perspective. I love how colorful the pages are and how elegant the design is. There are also pages with 'key scriptures' and 'key quotes', etc. that are important in each section and chapter. This handbook really goes in depth about each book and has the background information as well as introductions to each book. They also have 'word study' in each book that goes in depth about certain words you find in that particular book. 
I would highly recommend this handbook for your personal study time or even a group study for the Old Testament. And I hope that there will eventually be a handbook for the New Testament as well! This has been very informative and its very useful information that helps you better understand the context in which we read the Old Testament. I encourage you to order your copy of the Old Testament Handbook today! 

About the Old Testament Handbook:

Immerse yourself in the Old Testament Handbook, an
elegant, full-color Bible handbook that includes robust
summary content, charts, maps, word studies, illustrations, and more for every Old Testament book of the Bible. Constructed with high-quality cloth cover materials and a sewn binding, the Old Testament Handbook is
designed to last a lifetime as a valuable companion resource for Bible study, teaching, and ongoing discipleship.
• Discover your companion for deeper study and display. With a handbook rich in both
study and physical materials, navigate the mysteries of Old Testament narratives as
you ask questions and grow in your knowledge of God’s faithfulness.
• The Old Testament Handbook features the highly readable, highly reliable text of
the Christian Standard Bible. The CSB captures the Bible’s original meaning without
sacrificing clarity, making it easier to engage with Scripture’s life-transforming message and to share it with others.


• High-quality, foil-stamped cloth cover materials and Smyth-sewn binding

meant to last a lifetime.
• Elegant full-color interior design, including maps, charts, illustrations, and
other visual helps for every book of the Old Testament.
• More than 75 in-depth word studies of key words found in each Old Testament
• Ribbon marker for easy referencing between pages during study, teaching, or

Learn more about the Old Testament Handbook on their website here.

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Monday, August 7, 2023

The Hiding Place- Review and Giveaway!

 By: Melissa Baker

Out of all the history classes taken in high school, and all the subjects we learned about, the most interesting subject to me was always the World War II era, when the Jews were in hiding. I don't know why I had interest in this particular era, but I will never forget some of the things I learned about this time in history. If you are like me, you will love 'The Hiding Place'. It will give you a thrill when the Boom family risk EVERYTHING to hide Jewish refugees. They didn't just hide a few people here and there, they were hiding hundreds of people! Can you imagine hiding all those people? I certainly could not. This film is a powerful film but yet it will inspire you because of Corrie's courage and faith. What this family did was heroic and I cannot imagine being in their shoes. And I certainly cannot imagine facing the consequences of that courage and bravery. 

"The Hiding Place" tells the heroic true story of Corrie Ten Boom and her family, who risked everything to hide Jewish refugees by the hundreds during World War II before being discovered and ultimately facing the consequences.

About the film:

In the Netherlands, Corrie Ten Boom and her family risk everything to hide Jewish refugees by the hundreds and ultimately face the consequences when they are discovered. World War II. Darkness has fallen over Europe, and the boots of the Third Reich echo through the streets. But on a quiet city corner in the Netherlands, some choose to resist. Corrie Ten Boom and her family risk everything to hide Jewish refugees by the hundreds, and they ultimately face the consequences when they are discovered. The Hiding Place is their story—a story of faith, hope, love, and forgiveness in the face of un-thinkable evil. This powerful cinematic presentation was adapted for the stage by A. S. Peterson, directed for the stage by Matt Logan, and filmed for cinema audiences in Nashville, Tennessee.

View the trailor here.

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Monday, July 31, 2023

Unplugging and Recharging

Do you ever have a computer or electronic that just isn't working correctly. You try everything you can think of to make it work, all the troubleshooting techniques and you even google it, but still nothing. Then you finally give up and decide to unplug that device for the day. And when you eventually plug it back in, everything is working correctly like its brand new again. Well, sometimes, we ourselves need unplugging. We need to take a break from all the events, ballgames, and responsibilities in order to reboot and work efficiently again. By removing ourselves from certain things, we are able to take a step back, take a breath, and reconnect. We all need to unplug, even more nowadays than ever! We need to shut down all the complications in our lives, and clear out space for what really matters, in order to properly function. We also need to do a spiritual 'purge' to clear out all the junk and replace it with more Godly things. And this often brings a brand-new perspective, which is necessary in life as we learn and grow.

Often times, we struggle with a problem or task, and the more we fixate on it, the more difficult it becomes. However, when we step away and return to it later, the solution works out much more quickly. We can apply this same logic to many things and situations in life. If we can take a break from it or step away for a bit, even get some much-needed rest and relaxation, we can come back full force, more energized and ready to take on the task or event.

For those of you that personally know me, you know that I am an introvert. So, it honestly takes a lot out of me when I have a busy weekend of doing things. I always feel drained by the end of the event, game or gathering. Anytime I have things planned other than the 'normal' work week, I need extra time to recover and recharge my batteries. And the way I recharge is by spending time by myself or in a quieter and calmer environment, resting and winding down. Weather that means taking a nap or just simply watching a tv show on my couch. It is really important that I have time to recharge, otherwise I am extremely grumpy, and I constantly feel exhausted. I need time away from the busyness and chaos. On top of me being an introvert, I also struggle with anxiety occasionally. So, when I have both of those things going on, I REALLY need to take time away.

It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to take time to recharge. But we also need a good balance in life. We need to prioritize our well-being as well as our mental and physical health. We need to prioritize vacation days, stepping away and breaking the cycle, even if it's for one day every now and then. We need to unplug from those devices that sometimes hold us captive, even when we don't realize it. I find that scrolling on social media or constantly playing games on a phone or device, not only takes up valuable time we could be spending with our loved ones, but it also robs us of our energy and focus, that should be spent on the important things in life. It makes us complacent. And it makes us lazy. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy both of those things, but the key is moderation, as with everything else in life.

So, I encourage you to find ways to unplug, step away and recharge your batteries. You don't have to take expensive vacations; you can take a day trip to an amusement park with the family. Or go on a bike ride with the kids, even have a movie night and just 'Netflix and chill' with those you love. Find simple ways to unplug from your normal routine and get recharged and refilled. Maybe you should turn off the TV and go to bed early. Maybe shut down your phone or computer for a bit and just relax your mind or spend time with your family. 

Often times, we are addicted to our devices or the content on them, and we don't even realize it. Or we do realize it and we are so deep into it that we make no effort to cut loose from it. We can also be addicted to 'being busy', addicted to the constant stimulation, weather in person or on a screen. Addictions are often taking over our lives, and we need to break those chains so we can FINALLY get the true restoration we need, to live our lives to the fullest and recharge our mind, body and soul. After all, you can't pour from an empty cup. Self-care is important and part of self-care is getting the rest you need to be 100%, for yourself and those around you. So, let's unplug and recharge our batteries! I know it's easier said than done, but it's so worth it in the end!