Monday, July 18, 2022

The Case for Heaven- Review and Giveaway!!

 By: Melissa Baker

The Case for Heaven was so interesting to watch.  This documentary is from best-selling author and former atheist turned Christian apologist Lee Strobel. He examines near-death experiences and tries to determine what happens after life on earth. In this film, John Burke - author of “Imagine Heaven” - interviewed people with lots to lose and nothing to gain from discussing their experiences. He himself had a medical emergency and a near-death experience. So he gains insight and knowledge about their perspectives and points of view. Among the people were Pamela Reynolds who had a brain aneurysm surgery, Steve Caballero who is professional skateboarder that went from atheist to believer, and Jon Steingard - Hawk Nelson band member who went from believer to atheist/agnostic. There are a variety of people featured with different backgrounds, beliefs and views. That's what made it so interesting for me. We are used to living out and believing in our own beliefs, but how often do we get to hear from others' points of view? When we have 'close calls' or near death experiences, we can experience things that make us question our own beliefs. We can experience things that we will never experience again in our lifetime. But we can also experience Heaven, and in my opinion, this is a must watch, for everyone who has breath in their lungs!

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About the film:

We all want to know what happens after we die. In The Case for Heaven, best-selling author and investigative journalist Lee Strobel explores the evidence for the afterlife in order to address man’s biggest fear: death. Inspired by his own brush with death, Strobel searches for answers to the most profound questions we all have, about heaven, hell, and Near-Death Experiences. Featuring interviews with experts and skeptics, The Case for Heaven will challenge, encourage and inspire as Strobel dares to probe the most important question. If there is a heaven, can we prove it?

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tyson's Run- Review and Giveaway!

When you were a child or teen, did you ever find yourself seeking the approval of a parent?  Or wondering if you would measure up?  At one point or another in our lives, we have all wanted to be accepted by others. It is a natural human feeling. Longing for acceptance or approval does not stop when you reach a certain age. It seems to be a lifetime longing. That is why this story is so relatable and hits home for many viewers. Tyson's run is about an autistic teen who longs for his father's approval. He overcomes his disability as he decides to seek approval and friendship through running.  And he was determined to run his first marathon in hopes of specifically getting his father's approval. 
I have had the chance to view this amazing film. It is a really great family friendly movie. It’s an inspirational film that everyone of all ages will enjoy. A lot of the message really hits home. Don’t miss this feel-good story of faith, courage, and determination. You will be inspired! And I would highly recommend that you buy your digital copy or DVD of Tyson’s Run TODAY!

About the film:
When fifteen-year-old Tyson attends public school for the first time, his life is changed forever. While helping his father clean up after the football team, Tyson befriends champion marathon runner Aklilu. Never letting his autism hold him back, Tyson becomes determined to run his first marathon in hopes of winning his father's approval. With the help of an unlikely friend and his parents, Tyson learns that with faith in yourself and the courage to take the first step, anything is possible.

Four-time Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Yolanda Adams recorded If You Believe, an original song, just for Tyson’s Run.

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Monday, May 2, 2022

Anne Wilson-My Jesus Album Review and GIVEAWAY!!

By: Melissa Baker

I am the computer tech at our church and my husband is on the worship team. So while I am busy putting lyrics and slides together, he is helping get the songs down with the rest of our musicians. I remember when our worship leader said we were going to add "My Jesus" to the set list. I looked up the lyrics and song, and I thought it was great! It was at that point that I started looking into who Anne Wilson is. Here are some fun facts about her and her music...Anne Wilson is the first female solo artist debut single to reach #1 on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart. Her debut single “My Jesus” was the longest #1 single on Billboard’s Christian Air play chart of 2021 at 7 weeks total. The song My Jesus” was also nominated for a 2022 Billboard Music Award for “Top Christian Song” against  Kayne West. (The awards will broadcast live coast-to-coast on May 15 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m.  PT on NBC. It will also stream live on Peacock.) “My Jesus” Hit #1 on Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 and #19 on the Rolling Stone Top 25  Trending charts.

I have had the opportunity to listen to Anne's whole album. It is upbeat, and speaks truth about Jesus. The songs are catchy but also inspirational. Check out Anne Wilson’s Debut Album, “My Jesus”, which released April 22nd! You won't regret it!

About Anne Wilson:

Singer/songwriter Anne Wilson knows the healing power of music firsthand. The lyrics of Hillsong Worship’s “What A Beautiful Name” became a lifeline for the Lexington, Kentucky native after her brother was tragically killed in a car accident at the age of 23. Although she spent much of her childhood behind a piano, Wilson sang in front of an audience for the first time at her brother’s funeral. It was in that moment that she realized what she was born to do. A video of her moving performance organically circulated, eventually landing her a record deal. With a mesmerizing voice and a visible hunger for Jesus, the 19-year-old relies on personal journal entries and time spent in nature for songwriting inspiration. Her rootsy sound reflects her strong southern upbringing and her admiration for country royalty like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton married with the heart-on-your-sleeve transparency of Steffany Gretzinger and Lauren DaigleWilson’s introductory track, “My Jesus”—which she co-wrote with Jeff Pardo and Matthew West—is a warm invitation to experience her Savior in the same intimate way she knows Him.

Check out her "My Story" video: here.

Check out the "My Jesus" official music video here.

Check out the album link to buy or stream here.

About the album: 

1. Prelude (Scatter) 

2. Scatter 

3. My Jesus 

4.  Devil 

5. Sunday Sermons 

6. Hey Girl 

7. This House 

8. Mansions 

9. Mamas (with Hillary Scott) 

10. No Place Like Home 

11. God Thing 

12. That’s What We Need 

13. Something About That Name 

14. Closer To God 

15. My Jesus (feat. Crowder)

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Friday, February 18, 2022

Sons of Thunder- Review and Giveaway!!

By: Melissa Baker

 Episode 6, The Season Finale!! This episode was one of the best ones out of the season, in my opinion! I really enjoyed it. Trust me, you won't want to miss an episode once you start watching this series! It speaks truth, keeps you on the edge of your seat at times and its just an all around good show. My youngest son always asks to watch Sons of Thunder!

About Episode 6: After being kicked off the ranch, Jacob goes to see Ethan and encourages him to mend the mistakes of the past. Rodeo finally takes place, but will the Devil’s Hand ruin the fun?

This episode deals with issues like jealously, letting go of the past, accepting responsibility for the wrongs you’ve done and making things right, apologies and forgiveness

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. – Romans 6:23 (NIV)

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! – 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

Watch this series here.

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About the Company: Pinnacle Peak Pictures is an American evangelical Christian film production and distribution studio founded by David A. R. White and Russell Wolfe. Pinnacle Peak produces Christian films, including God's Not Dead, Do You Believe?, Woodlawn, The Case for Christ, and Unplanned. Since 2014, films produced and distributed by Pure Flix have collectively grossed over $195 million at the worldwide box office. The company has headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The Flirtation Experiment- Review and Giveaway!!

  By: Melissa Baker  

When you have been married a long while, sometimes the spark that you once had that came naturally seems to dwindle down to a very small flame. If we are not careful, that little flame that is left after all the years of good, bad and in-between moments of life, can burn out, leaving us with nothing but an empty marriage and a roommate relationship. That is why I love The Flirtation Experiment! This book offers practical ways to keep that flame burning, even in the middle of the chaos. We all get busy. We all get stressed. We all can struggle in this area if we don't make it a priority in our marriage. So it's okay if we turn to a resource or two, to put things into perspective. 
What I like about this resource, is that it gives the views and perspective of not only one woman, but TWO. I am reminded while reading this book that it's easy to forget to flirt. It's easy to just live day to day, taking care of your family while your relationship with your spouse sits on the backburner. That is why I highly recommend this book. It allows you to reconnect with your spouse, in different ways than before. It's not a "save your marriage" type book, but more of a intimacy booster, if you apply it. And the best part about it is it's Biblically based. So the information you will gain is from a Christian point of view. This is a great read for anyone who is married, regardless of their romance status. It can provide new insight, even in the most flirtatious of marriages!

About The Book:

From popular Christian voices Lisa Jacobson and Phylicia Masonheimer, The Flirtation Experiment inspires you to strengthen your marriage with a fun, unexpected approach that leads to the depth, richness, and closeness you desire. 

Romance novels, Hallmark movies . . . the immense demand for romantic stories reveals a deep, unsatisfied longing that can be found in many marriages, but does it have to be that way? Is it possible that the best marriage has to offer can grow, rather than fade after you say “I do”? Lisa and Phylicia say, “Absolutely yes!” 

So what is the secret to a happy, thriving, loving marriage, where the fire of romance and close friendship do not fade? While The Flirtation Experiment includes the frisky side of marriage, it’s far more than a good romp. By degrees, each chapter takes you to a deeper place, covering themes every beautiful marriage has in common, such as covenant, healing, and hope. 

After reading The Flirtation Experiment, wives will

  • be filled with hope and encouragement for how they can make a powerful, positive change in their marriages,
  • become empowered to pursue their husbands romantically,
  • understand the Bible invites women to be proactive in their marriages,
  • be motivated to consistently love in creative ways, and
  • forge closeness and intimacy in their marriages. 

“Intentional flirting keeps a positive lightness in the atmosphere and improves our overall communication,” says Jacobson. “My light flirtations bring us closer in meaningful ways and lead to connection on a deeper level. It helps us discover true romance waiting for us in everyday situations.” 

Perfect for the wife who wants romance, passion, and the closeness that only comes from a deep heart connection but isn’t sure where to start, The Flirtation Experiment is a candid, real-life record of two Christian women from different seasons of life who discovered they could make a significant impact on their marriage relationships, one small flirtatious experiment at a time.

Readers can go deeper by using The Flirtation Experiment Workbook.

Order your copy of The Flirtation Experiment now! Click here.

About the Authors:

Lisa Jacobson is an author, a podcaster, and the founder of, an online community of Christian women authors who write on marriage, home, family, and faith--a powerful voice for biblical womanhood. She is the author of the bestselling 100 Ways to Love Your Husband. Lisa and her husband, Matt, are also cohosts of the popular FAITHFUL LIFE podcast. They live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where they have enjoyed raising their eight children

Phylicia Masonheimer is a national bestselling author, speaker, and host of the Verity Podcast. Her blog - Every Woman a Theologian- teaches Christians how to know what they believe and live it boldly. Theology touches every area of life, so Phylicia addresses cultural questions through the lens of church history and sound biblical interpretation. She lives in northern Michigan with her husband and three children.

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Church People Movie- Review and GIVEAWAY!!

My husband and I are the youth pastors at church. The main character of this movie, Guy, is also a youth pastor. And after touring from town to town, speaking at big conferences and putting on a "show" at these conferences, he gets tired of the showiness of todays church and really wants to get back to the heart of ministry. All the hype, lights, games, etc. are used in ministry to connect and get the attention of the congregation, however it can also take away from the ministry and the message we are trying to get across. The message of JESUS! It then becomes about us and all we can offer the people, instead of what Jesus already offers. 
But when the pastor suggests Guy be the lead in an outrageous gimmick for a church play, Guy turns it down, and tries to stop the production. And he questions the methods that their church is using to reach people. At the end he really hits home as he demonstrates the "crucifixion" in a whole new light. This is a MUST see!! 
This would be great to show at your church for your next movie night! Or get the leadership together and share a laugh, but at the same time get back to the heart of real worship and ministry! 

About the movie: CHURCH PEOPLE is a Christian comedy about the megachurch mega production sub- culture and getting back to the simplicity of the Gospel, starring Christian comedian Thor Ramsey, Hallmark Channel’s Erin Cahill, Stephen Baldwin, Donald Faison, and NSYNC’s Joey Fatone. This film has a powerful message about rediscovering your passion for Christ and learning to surrender what you hold dearest, all told in an incredibly humorous way.
 Weary from the showiness and materialism that has overtaken his ministry efforts, Guy (Ramsey) goes on a journey to get back in touch with the heart of ministry and be a real role model to his youth group kids. He makes the difficult decision to cut short his speaking tour managed by his money-focused agent (Faison) after realizing that his reputation has become more fame based than Gospel-driven. But when Guy attempts to return to regular youth ministry, he is thrust into the throes of dissuading the youth group from performing a strange and potentially blasphemous stunt for the upcoming Easter service, starring a young, zealous new Believer, Blaise. In attempting to manage his youth group while navigating an unexpected love interest in the Senior Pastor’s daughter (Cahill) and being a new father to his grown daughter (Manfredi), Guy ultimately rediscovers and puts on a powerful presentation of why we all need to put our hope in Jesus and not in ourselves.

View the trailer here.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Tiger Rising: Review and GIVEAWAY!!

By: Melissa Baker

I got the privilege to view The Tiger Rising. In my opinion, this film was a great movie-watching experience for my family. I have three boys ages 8, 12 and 15. We watched it as a family and it kept their interest throughout the movie. I feel it was a great movie that showcases morals and imagination, but it also had quite a bit of grief.  Even though it is based off of a children's book, I feel that it might be a little too serious and has too much grief, divorce, bully situations, etc. for younger children to enjoy the entire film. But then again some kids might be able to relate to that as well. That being said, my 15 year old son actually enjoyed it. I'm not sure if it was the tiger or the plot, but it did keep his interest. And my two younger children did enjoy it, but I think it was hard for them to watch in some parts, when dealing with the characters grief and the situation that brought it. There was very little bad language or violence, and no nudity or sexual content. Overall, I did enjoy this movie, even though it dealt with serious situations and some not so happy content. Some movies just aren't meant to be "feel good" movies throughout the entire film. But it is still a film I would recommend!

About the Film:

Queen Latifah and Dennis Quaid star in this beloved tale based on the New York Times best-selling book by Kate DiCamillo. When 12-year-old Rob Horton (Christian Convery) discovers a caged tiger in the woods near his home, his imagination runs wild and life begins to change in the most unexpected ways. With the help of a wise and mysterious maid, Willie May (Queen Latifah) and the stubborn new girl in school (Madalen Mills), he navigates through childhood memories, heartache, and wondrous adventures in this heartwarming adaptation.

Genre: Family Adventure 

Run time: 102 mins 

Cast: Christian Convery, Madalen Mills, Sam Trammell, Katharine McPhee, Dennis Quaid and Queen Latifah 

Director: Ray Giarratana 

Writer: Ray Giarratana 

Producers: Ray Giarratana, Deborah Giarratana, Ryan Smith 

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